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My Dinner with Andre (Louis Malle, 1981) snowce:

My Dinner with Andre (Louis Malle, 1981) snowce:

My Dinner with Andre (Louis Malle, 1981) snowce:

My Dinner with Andre (Louis Malle, 1981) snowce:

My Dinner with Andre (Louis Malle, 1981)


My Dinner with Andre (Louis Malle, 1981)

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Marilyn Manson is the best. Like, why don’t people like him? He’s awesome.

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"Não sinta falta do passado, ele não volta mais."
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I work my ass off, so you can laugh yours off.



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A vegan friend found this while camping in Leh. Leh, in the northernmost tip of the Indian Himalayas and close to Tibet, is one of the harshest places for humans to live in. It’s a cold, windswept desert where hardly a blade of grass grows. For 8 months of the year, temperatures remain below freezing, often dipping below -40. Because of its altitude, the air over there is so rarefied that visitors have to acclimatize for 3 days before they can walk without running out of breath. 

Some people say that veganism is a First World privilege. They say that urbanized, well-off people in wealthy societies can afford to be vegan, but “poor” people in third world countries cannot afford it. Firstly, that betrays an ignorance of economics and food production. Around the world, healthy vegan food is a lot cheaper than meat and dairy. But it also betrays yet another excuse for a complacent, uncaring life: “If someone in Siberia / Namibia / Cambodia isn’t vegan, I won’t be either.”

That said, these messages, pinned in the door of a restaurant in Leh, are truly humbling. A little research revealed the source: a group called Tibetan Volunteers for Animals (TVA). They have a Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/FreedomForAll) and a website (http://semchen.org/). And we all know the plight of Tibetans. 

If a group of disenfranchised people living as refugees in a third world country in one of the most hostile climates on Earth can be vegan, then what’s YOUR excuse?!






I feel like a legend.

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"I saw this elderly gentleman dining by himself, with an old picture of a lady in front of him. I though maybe I could brighten his day by talking to him. 

As I had assumed, she was his wife. But I didn’t expect such an interesting story. They met when they were both 17. They dated briefly, then lost contact when he went to war and her family moved. But he said he thought about her the entire war. After his return, he decided to look for her. He searched for her for 10 years and never dated anyone. People told him he was crazy, to which he replied “I am. Crazy in love”. On a trip to California, he went to a barber shop. He told the barber how he had been searching for a girl for ten years. The barber went to his phone and called his daughter in. It was her! She had also been searching for him and never dated either. 

He proposed immediately and they were married for 55 years before her death 5 years ago. He still celebrates her birthday and their anniversary. He takes her picture with him everywhere and kisses her goodnight. 

Some inspiring things he said;

"I was a very rich man. Not with money, but with love"

"I never had a single argument with my wife, but we had lots of debates"

"People are like candles. At any moment a breeze can blow it out, so enjoy the light while you have it."

"Tell your wife that you love her everyday. And be sure to ask her, have I told you that I love you lately?"

Be sure to talk to the elderly. Especially strangers. You may think that you will brighten their day, but you may be surprised that they can actually brighten yours.”

This is beautiful.

I cried.

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Smashing Pumpkins: 1979

I love this song so much. It may be because it reminds me of good times with a certain someone, or the fact that it’s just a genuinely good song. Generally most of Smashing Pumpkin’s music is way more hardcore than this one, but I’m glad they mellowed it out here. It’s a great song!

seems apropiate.

Enjoy and have a good one!

now let’s do some work…

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